5 Must-Have Light Fixtures For Your Landscape

5 Must-Have Light Fixtures For Your Landscape

Landscape design brings an appeal to your exterior that is otherwise missing in an ill-thought-out construction phase. These lighting fixtures make your landscapes look attractive and provide you and your guests with a sense of safety and security, especially at night.

Lighting up for your landscapes has never been easier. With landscape lighting fixtures that come in so many shapes, sizes, and varieties, you can opt for any kind of setting you fancy.

Hursh’s Landscaping Inc., serving Macungie, PA, will present some must-have light fixtures in this blog post that will light your landscapes up just like in fairytales.


Spotlight is a general term for uni-directional lights. They come in handy when you want to highlight a specific piece of your landscape. If you have any sculptures, spotlights make for great exhibitions. You don’t necessarily have to light up sculptures or other artwork on your landscape. A plain wall of wood or red bricks lit up from the sides, the light washing over as far as possible; both make for scenic gardens or patios.

Flood Lights

Floodlights are perfect for when you want outdoor illumination at night. They offer quick lighting that expands, covering a wide surface area. They are often the first choice for expansive patios, gardens, and garages with high brightness and coverage. But beware. Even though floodlights cover a wide area, their reach has limits.

So, be careful where you put them.

Up and Down Lights

These look great for manors and multi-room houses with several windows lining the sides and top of the main entrance. At the bottom, there could be multiple up-lights in-between windows. The same applies to the windows above; the downlights could be placed parallel to the up lights. These lights can also be used for benches, highlighting certain foliage in gardens and underneath stairs. They are multi-purpose.

Step Lights

Step lights are more appropriate for stairwells and steps – the up and downlights from above are better suited to windows. These step lights come in all shapes and sizes. Keep the architecture of your stairwell in mind before installing them. You could go neon, pick dim colors, or the simple bright yellow we all know and are used to. Some manufacturers, like us, offer color-changing lights. These could be fun to have when throwing parties or readying your house for Halloween.

Garden Lights

Lighting fixtures can get very specific, which is the best part. Garden lights are usually used for lighting up pathways. A beautiful assortment of these lights can also be seen on trees. Fairy lights – used for rooms – can also be used as tree and bush hangings.

Turning your gardens into a scene from a fairytale is super possible now.

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