5 Tips For Protecting Your Landscaping Against The Freeze

5 Tips For Protecting Your Landscaping Against The Freeze

A landscape isn’t only a collection of plants and grass plunked down in an artistic masterpiece; it’s a living system that requires the same amount of attention as you put into assembling it.

Just as you would maintain the seedbeds, the newly potted plants, & rake the lawn during the summer season, so would you plan for the winter landscape maintenance to keep your plants thriving? You have to empathize that your plants need winter protection to survive until Allentown’s gorgeous spring arrives.

Newly planted grass, plants, & delicate saplings are vulnerable to frost damage. Just imagine, if your driveways can barely take a beating from cold weather, then what will become of your delicate horticulture? Hursh’s Landscaping, fortunately, happens to be the local landscaping & property maintenance expert, and we guarantee you some tips that will enhance the chances of your plants’ survival.

Do keep in mind, the more ambitious your landscape elements are, the more burlap you will need!

1. Truck In Some Organic Mulch

Mulch applied in a thin layer, in and around the flower beds and base of trees, insulates the soil from the cold, preserving the root systems. Organic mulches are also good for fertilizing the earth as they gradually break down into nutrients for the soil.

2. Try Fabric to Frost-Proof Your Plants

It’s simply cruel to do with the mulch and forget the plant above the soil. To protect your landscape plants exposed to inclement weather, utilize towels and insulation sheets over the sturdier saplings. Move the delicate potted varieties indoors.

3. Burlap! Lots Of Burlap!

For hedges, shrubs, and delicate saplings, burlap has the unique quality of being inexpensive and exceptionally good at insulation. It is often used over interlocked pavers to deter weed growth. Get as much burlap as you can, drape, and tie it loosely around your landscape elements for protection from the ice & cold.

4. Invest In Out-Door Heating Systems

If your landscape includes fruit-bearing or blooming types that produce exotic fruits or flowers in their youth, burlap and heat lamps should be used as part of a weather protection enclosure. You may not need the heat lamps if your plants are over a year old.

5. Use ‘Green’ Insecticides

Because insects have either a resting or developing stage that lasts through the winter, your plants may contain insect eggs. Remember to spray using environmentally friendly pesticides since the cold and severity of the infestation are factors to consider by spring.

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