5 Winter Landscaping Ideas Worth Diving Into To Have Your Very Own Winterland

5 Winter Landscaping Ideas Worth Diving Into To Have Your Very Own Winterland

Winters in Pennsylvania are freezing, dry, and windy, which is hardly the appropriate weather for your landscape. Everything is covered by snow, and the frigid conditions make gardens around the city go dormant. However, you do not need to maintain a cold, white, and depressing landscape.

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You can get expert help to turn your dreary landscape into a winter wonderland. There is so much more that you can do aside from building snowmen or getting snow shoveled.

Below are five areas of focus or ideas you can use to boost the aesthetics of your landscape.


Berries, trees, evergreens, and colorful flowers can add much-needed color to your landscape. Most grass types do not last through the frost, but you can even consider some ornamental grass species.

Research or ask an expert about what plant can survive harsh winters. Some possible options for you to consider are:

  • Berries – Holly, Beautyberry
  • Flowers – Camellia, Pansy
  • Shrubs – Red Twig Dogwood, Mahonia
  • Trees – Sugar Maple, Cherry


Integrated hardscapes in your landscape require more planning and investment, but there is so much that you can do to beautify your landscape in winters. You can add arbors, trellis, benches, ornamental fences, dome, and a lot more. You can even get new pathways or pergolas constructed.

Garden Ornaments

Birdhouses, sculptures, decorative planters, fountains, fire pits, and various other garden ornaments are installed in your yard to elevate the curb appeal of your property.


Warm lighting in a blue or yellow hue can transform the entire look of your landscape. Consider adding vintage garden lampposts, fairy light on tree stumps, spotlights, solar/LED lights in garden features or displays, a moon-inspired floor lamp, lighting sculpture, etc. Strategic placement of lights can help illuminate various features of your landscape to create a magical look.


Attracting wildlife can bring your winter garden to life. While we do not recommend going to the pet store or creating a forest on your property (unless you really want to), you can install bird and squirrel feeders, birdhouses, and artificially-heated bird baths to attract small animals.

Putting out food and water for the animals when it is hard for them to scavenge for food will ensure you have constant activity in your backyard.

Aside from these five ideas, you need to keep a strict but safe regime for snow and ice removal to protect your landscape features (lawn, pathways, etc.) from damage and keep your property looking well-maintained. Avoid using salt and harsh deicers. Also, consider refurbishing your old garden furniture for a new look.

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