6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Landscape Lighting

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to add an instant “wow factor” to your landscape. It can be used for safety, security, and aesthetics. It’s no wonder that landscape lighting has become one of the most popular ways to enhance outdoor spaces.

However, landscape lighting installation is not as simple as it might seem. You could make many mistakes when installing landscape lighting that will lead to wasted time and money.

This blog post will identify six common landscape lighting mistakes and how you can avoid them!

Mistake #1: Not Getting Professional Advice First

Landscape lights come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re not sure which ones would work best for your space, contact an expert before making any purchases or deciding what types of landscape lighting to install.

Mistake #2: Poorly Planning Your Design

Landscape lighting is much more than just pointing a specific type of light at your landscape. It would help to consider how you want the lights to look, where they should be placed, and what kind would work best for each area.

Therefore, you need to make sure your landscape lighting design is well thought out and planned. Planning is the key to a successful landscape lighting installation!

Mistake #3: Not Considering Local Regulations

In addition, landscape lighting is subject to local regulations. Some areas have restrictions on the types of landscape lights which may be used within certain zones or neighborhoods.

In this case, you should always check with local authorities if any landscape lighting laws exist in your area and follow all rules accordingly. 

Mistake #4: Poor Lighting Quality

Another mistake is to use landscape lighting that doesn’t produce enough light. This type of landscape lighting will not effectively illuminate your landscape, and it may cause more harm than good!

To avoid this mistake, always make sure you check the number of lumens each fixture emits before making a final decision.

Mistake #5: Failing to Take Installation Costs into Account

In landscape lighting, the cost of installation is a significant factor you need to consider before purchasing any landscape lights.

You should always get quotes from more than one vendor so that you can compare them and finalize the best quote available in your area.

Mistake #6: Not Enough Cabling / Wiring

The landscape lighting system needs to be easily connected with an electrical source, so you need to plan out correctly where power will come from. A connection box should also be placed in the landscape lighting plan to make an electrical connection later.

If there isn’t enough cabling and wiring, it could result in a landscape lighting system with lights that continually flicker or fade on and off.

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