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Fall Property Maintenance 101

Fall season is upon us. As a property owner, now is a good time to take stock of your home’s condition before winter arrives.

This is especially true for your home’s exteriors, which are breeding grounds for fall debris. Not to mention, you also need to check your landscaping and prepare for the rough season ahead.

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In this article, we talk about some home maintenance essentials for the fall season. Consider these as your checklist to keep your property in great shape during autumn.

Gutter Cleaning

To begin with, you should check your gutters during the fall. Clogged gutters interfere with the smooth supply of water in your home and also cause plumbing damage. That is why you should consider gutter cleaning at this time of the year because fall brings its own debris that can choke the gutters if they are already ‘full.’

Draft-Proof Your Doors And Windows

Secondly, fall is also a good time to cover the drafts in your doors and windows. Drafts cause heat loss, which increases your heating bills. Simple weatherstripping should do the trick and keep those heating expenses in check.

Clean Or Replace Filters

Dirty or worn-out filters also make it hard to control the temperature indoors. Don’t wait for a particular season; you should ideally clean the filters each month. If you are using disposable filters, now is a good time to replace them. If you are using foam filters, consider cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner.

Move Lawn Furniture Indoors

If you have an outdoor space like a deck or patio, you should make preparations to protect your outdoor furniture this time of the year. The best thing would be to move your garden chairs and tables indoors, possibly in your garage. If that’s not possible, at least buy some waterproof covers to keep the moisture at bay.


If you want a healthy garden in spring, you should fertilize it in autumn. Fertilization keeps the roots from winter damage and helps the lawn grow faster once the weather becomes pleasant.

In a similar vein, you should also prune your plants and shrubs during the fall to maintain healthy landscaping. You should trim the hedges in a way to remove all dead and diseased growth.

Doing so will keep the healthy plants protected from diseases as well as pests and insects. Not to mention, pruning the hedges also improves the curb appeal and makes your walkways more accessible and inviting.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to turn off outdoor faucets as the weather gets cooler. Otherwise, water may freeze in the pipes and burst them.

That’s all for now. Follow these tips to keep your exteriors clean and healthy during the fall and winter. Homeowners in Lehigh Valley and the surrounding areas can always reach out to Hursh’s Landscaping for property management and services in all seasons. Click here to learn more.