Habits You Need To Ditch As A Landscape Gardner This Year!

Habits You Need To Ditch As A Landscape Gardner This Year!

What gardening habits should you ditch this year? Gardening is a rewarding and satisfying hobby, but it’s not always easy. There are many ways to get frustrated between weeding, planting, and watering your plants. And while gardening might seem like a simple task, there are quite a few things you need to do before you plant anything.

When planning your landscape, first, decide what you want. How do you want to use the space? If you’re interested in creating a relaxing spot, you’ll need different features than if you’re looking for a play area for kids. Be sure to consider all of your needs when designing your landscape.

If you’re looking for some gardening tips for the coming season, Hursh’s Landscaping Inc., serving Allentown, PA, shares a few habits that you should drop to make your garden look gorgeous!

Don’t Overplant

A mistake made by many gardeners is overplanting their gardens. This makes your garden appear cluttered, and it also makes it difficult to care for your plants. When planting, think about how big your plants will grow and leave enough space between them to access them easily.

Don’t Plant In the Wrong Location.

Another common mistake is planting your plants in the wrong location. Make sure to consider the amount of sunlight and shade that each plant needs before you put them in the ground. Also, be aware of the soil type – some plants prefer sandy soils while others prefer clay soils.

Don’t Water Too Much/Too Little:

 Your plants need to get the right amount of water, but it can be tricky to determine how much to give them. Overwatering and under watering can kill your plants. Before watering the plants, don’t forget to check the soil and only water when necessary.

Don’t Forget Mulch

Mulching is of utmost importance for your garden. Not only does it help retain moisture in the soil, but it also helps prevent weeds from growing. Be sure to use good-quality mulch like bark chips or compost.

Don’t Leave Your Garden Untended.

Even if you’re busy, try to spend at least an hour a week in your garden tending to your plants. Checking on them frequently will help them grow healthy and happy. Emotionally investing in your garden is as important as investing in it financially!

Don’t Forget to Include Play Space For Kids:

Kids require play space. Including a play space in your landscape plan can be as simple as installing a sandbox or tire swing or as elaborate as a full-blown playground. The key is to make sure the space is safe and fun for kids of all ages.

Don’t Miss Out on a Small Pond.

Small ponds in gardens are a great way to add beauty and interest. Not only that, but ponds also provide a habitat for wildlife. Many landscaping companies can help you install one professionally if you’re not comfortable building one yourself.

Now that you know a little more about landscaping, hopefully, your yard will be looking great in no time! Hursh’s Landscaping Inc., serving Allentown, PA, will help you with all of your landscaping needs. Get your estimate today.