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Here’s How You Can Transform Your Small Landscape Into A Mini Getaway With These Top Landscaping Tips

A lawn or backyard is a beautiful addition to any residential property. And you can find several cost-effective ways to make your landscape even more beautiful and add some privacy. That’s why in today’s article, we list some cool ideas to convert your backyard into a mini getaway!

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Grow Shrubs

To start off, you need to create some privacy in your backyard. A great hack for achieving this is growing tall shrubs. These create a natural fence around your getaway spot. For shrubs, you can use potted plants. Or you can plant them directly in the ground.

Create Variety

What’s beauty without some variety? You need to ensure that everything doesn’t look the same in your outdoor private space.

You can add some variety with plant containers. You cannot only buy pots and plant cases in different colors and shapes, but you can always rearrange them in your backyard. Augment these with brightly colored flowers to make your getaway more eye-catching.

Add A Water Feature

You can also add a water feature in your backyard. Water adds a soothing effect and also gives your landscape some resort-like vibes!

If you’re running short on space, you can always go for a vertical water feature to save space and add height to the area. Another simple option is to buy a small fountain or aquarium. You can also consider getting a pond installed in your landscape, but that will require a significant time and budget commitment.

If you have kids in the house, an inflatable pool is also an excellent addition to your backyard in summer. That way, they will have a designated play area.

Add Some Lighting

While you’re at it, consider lighting up your backyard or patio as well. After all, you will also want to enjoy your getaway at night as well, right?

String lights work wonderfully in this regard, as they don’t consume too much energy. You can hang them outside your new space or string them around your outdoor furniture.

Seating Arrangements

Speaking of outdoor furniture, you should make seating arrangements to entertain guests or lounge in your garden getaway.

If there are some old and unused chairs lying around, you can always polish them up and place them outdoors. Be creative and repaint the surface to go with your garden theme. Other seating options include outdoor pillows, pallets, floor mats, and hammocks.

While there are several ways to beautify your outdoor space, it all starts with some basic landscaping.

Your lawn requires regular mowing to keep your grass neat and leveled. You also need to water your garden to maintain a lush and green appearance. Considering getting automatic sprinklers installed, if you haven’t already done so.

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