How An Annual Landscaping Budget Can Save You Money In 2021

How An Annual Landscaping Budget Can Save You Money In 2021

Creating an annual budget is extremely important for property managers and owners to help them cover necessary and unexpected expenditures to maintain the property’s look, health, and safety. Raising money for a landscaping project cannot be done in days, so it is better to be prepared.

Furthermore, a landscaping budget will also help property managers and homeowners better understand their property’s needs and how to allocate money efficiently so it can last throughout the year.

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Regular Maintenance

Every property requires at least some sort of regular landscape maintenance to stay in top-notch condition. In the case of landscaping, there is mowing, irrigation repairs, seasonal fertilizing, mulching, hydroseeding/overseeding the turf, planting and replacing seasonal plants, and more.

After adding all landscape maintenance costs to your budget, the remaining funds can be used for enhancement projects and miscellaneous expenses.

Enhancement Projects

The landscape has a significant impact on the first impression of anyone visiting your property, as the landscape is the first thing they see. Also, investing in beautiful landscaping can yield positive returns as a gorgeous landscape is proven to increase occupancy, property value, and tenants’ morale.

Enhancement projects provide a high-impact update to your property. However, aside from aesthetics, new landscaping design ideas are more efficient, cost-friendly, and resilient.

Pre-Approval of Annual Landscaping Projects

Save your time and energy by pre-approving your landscaping projects for 2021. Approving projects beforehand will prove to be much more efficient as it will cut down the number of emails and phone calls you receive all year to follow up on pending proposals.

Unexpected Costs

Landscaping, like other property maintenance aspects, can be costly. It is imperative to have funds available in case unexpected costs arise like irrigation repairs, root eradication, etc.

Many of these unprecedented scenarios require immediate resolution as deferred maintenance can lead to more expensive and extensive problems. So save yourself future problems by planning ahead and budgeting.

To prepare an accurate landscaping budget, there are three main things that you need to do:

  • Plan what changes or new additions you want to make (hardscape features, landscape elements, lighting, plants, etc.) on your property.
  • Get your property inspected by an expert landscaping firm to unearth any potential problems or risks that might need maintenance in the near future, like early signs of diseasing in the soil or improper sprinkler pressure.
  • If you do not have a landscaping company on retainer to tell you the cost of various projects, take quotes from some reliable contractors and compare them to get an idea about the expenses.

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