In Focus: Landscaping For 2021

In Focus: Landscaping For 2021

Landscaping plays an integral part in elevating and maintaining the curb appeal and value of your property. And since we are slowly moving into the next year, it is time for some changes – and dare we say some improvements – since many of your existing landscape and hardscape features will go out of business.

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Every year new landscaping trends come into the picture, and old ones fly out the window. Therefore you need to stay atop of the latest trends if you want your property to be in the crème de la crème, or even relevant for that matter.

So to stay hot, contemporary, and chic, here is what you need to aspire to or integrate into your landscape.

1. A comfortable outdoor living space

Create a stunning outdoor living space that is the epitome of comfort and contemporary design. Integrate geometric patterns and shapes into your walkways, patio, pergolas, and flooring. Add comfortable furniture and smart lighting. Yet above all, be sure to maintain a minimalistic approach with sufficient color.

2. A home for the birds and the bees

A rapidly growing and pro planet trend is building a garden that serves both you and the wildlife that you will attract. Add shelter and feeders for birds and small animals, and if possible, situate a pollinator garden in your landscape. That way, you can wake up to the sound of chirping birds and nature even if you are living in the city.

3. A secluded spot

A place to gather your thoughts, explore yourself, and draw inspiration – doesn’t that sound appealing? We all want a place like that. A small area where we can sit on the cusp of nature, unwind, and recharge. Create that space for yourself. It’s enjoyable, good for mental health, and trendy.

4. A low maintenance landscape

No one has the time or inclination to slave in their landscape day-on and day-out. And since the goal for the future is to be and act smarter, why not instill all of this into the landscape?

Create a low-maintenance landscape that is both beautiful and undemanding. Do this by adding different levels and heights to your landscape and integrating various kinds of plants that do not require much care. Also, consider switching your grass for a stone covered area and pond.

5. A tough-as-nails garden

Create a garden that can thrive in any circumstance and condition. Whether by installing a water collection unit, installing a smart irrigation system, or growing more perennials. If we have learned one thing from the current pandemic, it is survival in any kind of situation with limited resources, so make sure your garden exhibits that too.

6. A place that is environmentally friendly

Use environment-friendly materials and use smart technology in lighting, irrigation, and wherever you can to positively contribute to the planet.

7. A unique hardscaping inspiration board

Instead of investing in exorbitant hardscape features (you can if you want), opt for giving a spin to ordinary things like painting an old wooden screen white, installing that in your garden, and covering it with vines and climbing plants. It is a simple idea, but the creativity behind it is what will turn it into a showstopper. Find more such uses of your old junk.

8. A collection of multi-season greens

Aesthetics are just as important as sustainability when it comes to landscaping. Grow more plants and grass that can give that burst of color in even the harshest weather, so your landscape doesn’t look bare and unappealing in the winter.

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