Let’s Dispel 4 Crass Myths About Grass Paints!

Let’s Dispel 4 Crass Myths About Grass Paints!

Grass paints are the trendiest Michelangelo you can pull off on your prized lawn if it starts growing just before you’re due for a spring party. However, you will find misinformed folks who need a wee bit of help getting the hang of the good paints, the bad, and the absolute-nots.

Believe us; there can be quite an overlap between buying the wrong lawn greening product and complete disregard of product knowledge. This is why we at Hursh’s Landscaping suggest having your lawn freshened up by a professional landscaping team.

Anyways, here are the few myths that account for the ‘overlapping’ that you should know if you are new to the ‘green’ thing. Everything about grass paints is literally green and ‘green’!

Myth # Uno:

Grass Spray Paint is just regular spray paint!

No. It is not your regular plastics-based paints. In fact, it’s not even sprayed paint; it is a pigment. Pigments are composed of minerals suspended in a liquid meant to impart the mineral’s color onto a surface. Pigments are derived from natural organics and minerals often used in makeup, edible dyes, and safe paints. Don’t make the mistake of ordering your sprays from a hardware store, be specific about the spray you need and to which purpose. The lawn and gardening tools sections are the most appropriate for hunting down such sprays if you need a DIY touch.

Myth # Dos:

Spray Paints have CFCs! Global Warming! How dare you!

That is a very outdated notion. Chlorofluorocarbons were a popular refrigerant and spray-can propellant decades ago until their harmful effects on the environment were better studied, and safer alternatives were found. Now, most aerosols are naturally occurring hydrocarbons. A few products, about 10% of today’s aerosols, use compressed gases like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide as propellants so as to not harm the environment.

Myth # Tres:

The paint will come off and damage the grass!

Grass paints are mostly made from kaolin, a pulverized soft stone. Some are even made from processed decayed plants. The pigment is organic and designed in harmony with the environment. Some are derived from limestone and chalk. The pigment in the spray latches onto the grass and can last up to 2-3 months. These pigments don’t fade with dew, rain, or people walking over grass. The pigments do not get onto clothing and do not harm the existing grass.

Myth # Quatro:

Spray it onto any grass, and it will green up good as new!

Actually, grass pigment is suitable for dehydrated and hibernating grass typical in Pennsylvanian autumn and after the winter snow clears up. It doesn’t make sense to spray it on already lush green grass or the artificial types as the pigment won’t adhere as well to synthetics. However, if you have pets and notice any pee spots that have browned your grass, grass paint is an excellent way to cover up the pet’s privy marks.

There you have it! All myths are covered with the assurance that Hursh’s Landscaping knows what they offer and how they execute it the green ‘green’ way all across Macungie, PA. So, if you require our services, please indulge in our free estimates, and let’s ‘greenscape’ your lawns!