You have tried all sorts of fertilizers, natural remedies, and techniques, but to your dismay, your lawn just won’t cooperate. It still looks bland and is only deteriorating in terms of health. What do you do? The answer; you contact Hursh Landscaping’s experts, who will bring your lawn back to life with their hydroseeding process.

Hydroseeding is the process of blending water, seeds, fertilizer, and fiber mulch into a mixture and applying it over your lawn area via a high-pressured spraying hose. Once the concoction has been sprayed over, the fiber mulch will bond with the soil and provide the seeds blanket protection from harsh sunlight, wind, and erosion. Lastly, the seeds will begin to germinate, and voila! There you have your lusciously-thick and green grass just in a matter of a few weeks!

And no, you no longer need to spend a bucket-load of cash to get a healthy-looking lawn. Our hydroseeding services are wallet-friendly and wide-ranging. We offer wildflower plantations, native grass growth, soil stabilization, and re-vegetation, to list a few. So regardless of how vast or limited your landscape may be, our hydroseeding services are adjustable to your lawn’s area. Hydroseeding has also been proven to generate healthy vegetation and erosion-control for several of our clients!