Landscape Lighting

Make your outdoor space welcoming and entertaining through our landscape lighting services. As the name suggests, landscape lighting is lighting up your landscape to get rid of ‘haunted house’ vibes and enhance your landscape’s structure to the fullest. With our landscape lighting services, you can expect your outdoor space to become everyone’s favorite hangout spot. And why not? Lighting your landscape makes your home all the more inviting, warm, and exudes a sense of homeliness and comfort.

Say hello to outdoor family reunions and BBQ parties once Hursh Landscape is done installing some of the most innovatively-designed light fixtures. Trust us, your patio’s, pool’s, and stonewalls’ architecture will be accentuated a thousand-fold and will exponentially increase your landscape’s resale value!

Besides using our landscape lighting services to amplify your landscape’s appearance, it is a great way to ward off potential intruders. It even prevents residents from tripping hazards! With darkness now out of the way, you and your visitors will have an easier time maneuvering around your property without any danger!

Lighting experts at Hursh Landscaping will present to you a plethora of lighting options to choose from. Whether you are going for a soft, romantic atmosphere for your home, or a much stronger, dramatic ambiance for events like Christmas parties, we know how to do it all! Get your hands on our landscape lighting services to wow your guests with a magical entrance to your property!