Property Maintenance

Since our business started in Lehigh Valley, we know the local geography and climate and cater to your landscape’s needs based on just that! We pride ourselves in specializing in commercial and residential property maintenance to provide our valued customers absolute satisfaction.

Our specialists know just the trick to get your lawn looking neat and tidy again. They implement proper cultural practices and procedures to attain the best lawn health for your landscape. Your lawn’s health is achieved through our edging and mulching services, as well as lawn fertilization inspection to assess if your lawn recovers from a previously poorly-installed fertilizer. We also offer lawn mowing, lawn clean-ups, monthly bed maintenance, and tree and shrub pruning. During winter seasons, we also provide commercial snow removal to clear your landscape’s pathway.


You see, anyone can claim to know the ins and outs of lawn mowing – don’t believe them. Our lawn mowing experts are professionals who have been in this business for decades. They implement proper mowing techniques unknown to non-specialists, which is what gets your lawn looking spotless and in ship-shape condition.

With the assistance of high-quality materials and instruments, we don’t just maintain your lawn’s health but also promote it. We pay attention to your requests regarding the type of cut and design you want for your yard. Fear not, unlike other lawnmowers, we don’t trim off more than we are instructed to! Our mowing blades are sharpened every eight hours to get you the perfectly leveled-out lawn without any room for mishaps!