Planning A Low Budget Wedding? Avoid These Outdoor Lighting Options

Planning A Low Budget Wedding? Avoid These Outdoor Lighting Options

When you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, you need to make every dollar count. In their bid to pull off a low-budget yet creative and entertaining wedding, couples end up making the wrong decisions like landscape lighting that does not go together with the setting.

If you’re planning a simple outdoor wedding and a magical evening for your friends and family, then you need to avoid the following lighting options for your reception.

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1) Not Lighting the Trees Properly

With creative lighting on the trees, you can create the perfect ambiance. But when doing so, make sure the lights are not too bright and glaring for your guests. Trees with solid trunks will look more attractive for use as wedding lighting.

2) Lighting without a Plan 

You should sit down and make a wedding lighting plan before the actual event. This will ensure that you can eliminate any unnecessary expenses during your big day.

For instance, if there is a video screen or backdrop at the ceremony site, it might not be necessary to place an artificial light source. Light from the video screen and the artificial light can counter each other, presenting a contrasting image and making it difficult for the audience to focus on the screen.

3) Lighting Everything

Many couples make the mistake of assuming that lighting everything makes the reception beautiful. A good lighting design is equally good at creating shadows as it is for shedding light.

Remember that you need to balance both light and shadows for an outdoor wedding lighting plan. If everything is lit up, there will be no contrast or definition on any particular object in your venue. The right balance will make the setting even more festive, and the pictures you take will have great results.

Take note of all these tips so you can save money on planning your marriage without having to go over budget on wedding decorations and other items required for your special day!

Having a professional planner help you out with such an event can go a long way towards giving you the best results possible! They know all about different types of lighting sources and their effects on various objects, so they are more than capable of guiding you through this process without making mistakes along the way.

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