Pros And Cons Of Solar Landscape Lighting

Pros And Cons Of Solar Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an overlooked aspect of landscaping. But it is integral to enhance your property’s safety, security, and curb appeal. The right lighting options make your yard safer and more inviting.

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There are several options for landscape lighting, such as halogen, LED, and solar. In today’s blog, we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of solar lights for your landscape.

Solar Lighting Pros

In the last couple of years, homeowners in Pennsylvania have adopted solar energy. And the state policies on solar installations are encouraging as well. Here are some benefits of solar lighting:

  • Don’t Require Electricity

Powered by the sun, solar lights don’t need an electricity source to work. You can place these lights in any sunny location and enjoy their illumination throughout the day.

  • Save Money

Solar lights don’t add anything to your electricity bill. In fact, they help you lower your energy consumption so you can save money on utilities. You can also benefit from state incentives for solar adoption.

  • Easy Installation

By ‘easy,’ we mean you can place solar lights anywhere in your garden without worrying about electric wires. This also means that solar lights installation can be a DIY project.

  • Minimal Maintenance

As solar lights don’t require extensive maintenance, they save you time and money in the long run.

  • Improve Landscape Safety

Finally, solar lights are safe as they allow you, your children, and pets to roam around the lawn without tripping on wires!

Despite these benefits, not everyone can install solar lights for their lawn and landscaping. Here are some possible drawbacks of this lighting option.

Solar Lighting Cons

While Pennsylvania has excellent solar incentives and programs, here are a few reasons why solar lighting may be a challenge for some homeowners.

  • Low Sunlight

The number of sunny days per year and the number of peak sunlight hours vary by location. But these are essential before you plan to get solar lights for your lawn. These lights require direct exposure to sunlight throughout the day to charge batteries.

  • Shaded Areas

Does your landscape consist of trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants? If yes, your solar lights will not get adequate sunlight for optimal performance.

  • Nearby Buildings

Similarly, solar panels prove virtually useless in homes surrounded by structures that block sunlight.

  • Less ‘Light’ Hours

Most solar lights don’t stay on for a long time after nightfall, especially on cloudy days. Depending on weather conditions, solar lights prove unpredictable as night lights.

  • Regular Cleaning

While solar lights require minimal maintenance, they must be cleaned regularly to remove dust and debris that blocks sunlight. Moreover, you need to take care of the surrounding landscaping to avoid plants obstructing your solar lights’ energy source.

To sum up, solar lights are good choices for homeowners who seek eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to traditional lights. That said, these lights may not be ideal for homeowners who need reliable illumination after sunset.

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