Seasonal Landscaping 101: Winterizing Your Trees & Plants

Seasonal Landscaping 101: Winterizing Your Trees & Plants

A change of season brings with it unique challenges for lawn maintenance. Especially in Emmaus, PA, landscaping and lawn maintenance can become problematic during the winters. The freezing temperatures and snowfall damage your home’s exteriors, especially your plants and trees.

But don’t worry! There are many ways to prepare your lawn for winter to ensure a healthy comeback next spring.

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In today’s blog, we talk about how you can winterize your landscaping and prepare it for the coming season.


To start, fertilization is essential when you are winterizing your lawn. Like bears eat all they can before hibernation, your lawn also needs to store nutrients till spring.

Ideally, you should start fertilizing your grass when days start getting shorter and the air drops in temperature, i.e., fertilize each month from September to November.

If you have to fertilize during December, use a winter fertilizer that contains low nitrogen and high potassium to strengthen roots.

Aeration And Hydroseeding

Aeration and seeding are best done in warmer temperatures. That said, you can aerate in winter with a machine or even a garden fork on a small lawn.  Just ensure that the yard isn’t frozen or waterlogged; otherwise, you will damage the grass instead of fortifying it!

Cover Your Plants

Apart from snow, there’s much that can damage your landscaping in winter. This includes hungry pests and even deers! Salt damage from snow is also a threat. That’s why cover your lawn with burlap, canvas, and other landscape fabric.

If you forget to cover your plants and snow falls on them, simply clean the flurry and moisture and cover the lawn. A heavy sheet or cover will keep the plants and prevent them from shriveling due to frost.

Prevent Moss

Moss can choke the grass and stunt growth during winters. That’s why you should go for an iron-based moss control treatment to prevent build-up in your lawn.

Keep Your Garden Off Limits

Once the frost settles in, the best way to protect your lawn is to minimize walking on the grass. Not only will this bruise the grass, but it also leaves an odd-looking footprint once thawing begins.

You should also keep your pets from running around in the garden during winters (good luck with that).

Clean The Lawn

Finally, cleaning your lawn is as important in winter as it is at any time of the year. If you haven’t already done so, remove all autumn leaves and other debris from your landscaping. Otherwise, sunlight may not reach your plants, and they will die in the process. So, clean your lawn before it is covered by snow.

These are some of the ways you can winterize your lawn this year. Of course, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Reach out to Hursh’s Landscaping for landscaping and lawn care services throughout the year. Click here to get a free estimate.