The Top 3 Simple Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

The Top 3 Simple Sprinkler Maintenance Tips

Beautiful, luscious green lawns don’t just happen. They are the end result of investing in top-grade fertilizers, taming uncontrollable weed growth, frequent lawn mowing, and, not to mention, purchasing a smart sprinkler system.

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Now that your sprinkler system is all setup, here are some of the top 3 simple sprinkler maintenance tips to get you the highest return on your investment as well as save you a good chunk of money on your water bill!

1. Adjusting Your Sprinkler Based on the Season

As temperatures change with every season, so does your lawn’s water intake. For instance, during the spring season, your lawn isn’t in as much dire need of water as it otherwise would be in June and July.

The same notion applies in the fall season, where the temperatures in Allentown, PA, fall to between a range of 13 °C – 1 °C. In this scenario, the readjustment of your sprinkler system is crucial so that your lawn receives a lower water supply and waterlogging of your lawn is avoided.

2. The Tuna Can Test

One of the best ways to maintain your sprinkler and determine if it is supplying adequate water to your lawn is by carrying out the tuna can test.

So just to give some background information, your lawn and overall landscape require at least one inch of water per week for optimal health. With that said, your newly installed sprinklers should deliver just that within 15 minutes of being switched on.

With the tuna can test, you spread out several tuna cans in different watering zones, switch on your sprinklers for 15 minutes, and when the time is up, measure how much water your sprinklers have supplied using a ruler, ensuring it is 1 inch in height.

However, if the tuna cans only measure to a quarter of an inch, you may need to make adjustments to your system, look closely for a leak, or check if the sprinkler’s head is clogged and then unclog it.

3. Regular Inspection of Your Watering System

Since your watering system is at work every day for a good three seasons a year, leaks, broken lines, and clogged sprinkler heads are sure to occur every so often.

Frequently inspecting your lawn once or twice a month is recommended to catch these hiccups early on and fix them before your sprinkler system is rendered useless altogether. And the reason why nipping these problems in the bud is so vital is because if ignored or delayed, you could end up wasting away your valuable investment and water!

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